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Tuesday 1 March 2022

Serious polish: How to keep your wine glasses in top shape

Wine writer and sparkling wine expert Tyson Stelzer could not find the perfect polishing cloth to keep his wine glasses in top condition. So he created one. 

"A decent glass is the most important thing you need to make the most of every bottle, and a great polishing cloth is the best way to keep your glass in top form," Stelzer said. 

"I own more than 1000 wine glasses and I wash and polish them by hand. 

"I’ve been searching for the ideal polishing cloth for years and I’ve never found it. Everything I tried was too large or too small, not sufficiently absorbent, or left smears or lint.

"Over the past two years, I've had some 50 prototypes manufactured and I put them all to the test on hundreds of glasses (lockdown entertainment!). There was one winner and I’ve used nothing else since.

"It’s a super-fine microfibre cloth with awesome absorbency. Dimensions 70cmx50cm – not so large that you can’t get it inside the glass, and not so small that you can’t cradle the glass with it as you polish the inside. 

Pre-orders are now open, for shipping in late March.

I haven't tried the cloth yet - and it isn't cheap ($29.95). That's about the cost of a good bottle of wine, which would seem to make it a worthwhile investment. 


  1. Hi Winsor, Many thanks for sharing this! Most grateful, Tyson.

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