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Thursday 18 November 2021

Is yoga in the vines the next wellness trend?

Wellness trends come and go. 

Remember flotation tanks? Or power walking? 

For now, however, yoga in the vines is looming as one of the next big wellness trends. 

Sit on the edge of a lovely lake while taking slow sips of a cool-climate, then practice yoga by that same lake, taking mindful breaths of fresh air.

Stretch and sip, they call it.

I'd rather be in a wine bar myself, but then I am not the demographic. 

Josef Chromy Wines in Tasmania are leading the yoga in the vines charge. 

“Yoga In the Vines is a great way to start your Josef Chromy Wines experience,” says Amy Russell, Wine Club and Marketing Manager for the wine producer. 

“It is a chance to settle into the vineyard landscape before you indulge in wines drawn from the same earth, matched with the freshest local produce.”

Under the guidance of a qualified instructor, yogis are invited to enjoy a personalised wellness session.

After your yoga class concludes, enjoy a glass of Josef Chromy wine. 

“Funnily enough, the vineyard views aren’t the star of our Yoga in the Vines experience; it turns out that guests find the frog calls and bird song around the vineyard lake to be the best accompaniment to a mindful yoga session,” Russell says. 

After working up an appetite, yogis can enjoy a long, lazy two-course meal and perhaps another sneaky glass of wine or two. 

The added bonus? The mindfulness skills honed through yoga might just improve your wine-tasting techniques as you learn to zero in on subtle flavours with an open, quiet mind. 

Book your Yoga in the Vines session HERE.

Image: Juanny Tan. Info: Ultimate Winery Experiences.


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