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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Is the world ready for a chip butty revolution?

The chip butty is something you grow up with; or learn to love.

A chip butty is a sandwich made with fresh, hot potato chips served between slices of buttered white bread or in a bread roll, usually with an added condiment such as Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, or malt vinegar.

The chip butty can be found in fish and chip shops and takeaways across the British Isles, and is a favourite working-class snack, often after a night at the pub.

In South Africa, French-fry sandwiches called Gatsbys and AK-47s (the former in Cape Town, the latter in Johannesburg) are hugely popular in townships. In Durban, home of the bunny chow, chips are are served in a hollowed out half loaf of bread with the crust intact.

Now Burger King has introduced the Chip Butty to its stores in New Zealand; a patty-less sandwich with french fries, mayo and ketchup wedged in between two halves of a bun.

The butty is only available to New Zealand customers right now for $2 (and more with a rasher of bacon added) - but I'm tipping it to become an affordable snack sensation. 

In Australia, Hungry’s Jack’s is offering a cheesy, bacon chip butty - another variation. 

Burger King New Zealand describes its offering as "a dish fit for a King at a price fit for everyone".

One of Burger King's rivals, Wendy's, took aim, saying: "When literally anything would be better on a bun than their beef."

My favourite style: with lashings of butter and plenty of Sarson's vinegar, oh and with slap chips if I'm in Cape Town (but that's another story). 

I reckon Burger King could be on to a winner.  

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