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Monday 17 February 2020

You dirty rat! Hotels alerted to new scam

There are all sorts of scams that hotel managers around the world have to look out for - but the latest has a bad smell about it.

Have you heard about the hotel guest who takes rats and mice into hotel rooms, lets them loose to defecate and then puts them back in their cage before phoning down to the reception desk? 

Guest complains loudly about rat and mice poo in the room - and the evidence is right there. Compensation is paid; guest is happy, hotel splashes out on pest exterminators.

If you think it all sounds a bit far fetched, a hotel guest in the US is facing criminal charges for just such an alleged scam.

Police say Ryan Sentelle State, 37, checked into hotels, released mice and hamsters and, after waiting for them to defecate, then complained to hotel staff in the hope of receiving compensation or a free room.

State tried the trick at least three times at different Utah hotels and was compensated at two of them, say police. They believe the scam "likely occurred at many more hotels".

State is facing misdemeanor charges of theft by deception and criminal mischief - human health or safety. The rodents also caused damage to the hotel rooms, say police.

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