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Friday 14 June 2019

Donald Trump talks wine, but doesn't make a lot of sense

US President Donald Trump wants to do something about wine.

The problem is that it he was just about incoherent when talking about the subject on CNBC, The Drinks Business reports.

Trump doesn't seem to understand that the whole world wants to drink fine wine from France, but is not really that keen on wine from the US. 

Expensive wines from California, in fact, only sell seriously well in the US.

Here's what the teetotal leader of the free world had to say on CNBC this week.

He was talking about the imposition of tariffs on China, when he raised the “unfair” issue of tariffs on wine.

“France charges us a lot for the wine and yet we charge them little for French wine,” he said, promising to “do something” about it.

He further said "the wineries" themselves had approached him to complain about having to pay to import their wines into France.

“The wineries come to me and they say – the California guys, they come to me: Sir, we are paying a lot of money to put our products into France and you’re letting – meaning, this country is allowing this French wine which is great, we have great wine, too, allowing it to come in for nothing.

“It is not fair. And you know what, it’s not fair. We’ll do something about it.”

Trump has previously complained on Twitter about how difficult it was to sell US wines in France, blaming high tariffs, while the US “makes it easy for French wines”.

In November last year he said this was “Not fair, must change!’”.

As a member of the EU, France does not set its own tariff, but is subject to those set by the EU as a trading block.

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