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Saturday 8 June 2019

Are these best burgers in Australia?

A small eatery in a Victorian country town may be serving the best gourmet burgers in the land.

Using ethically produced meats and a couple of special ingredients from the US, Super Lekker should be on the radar of every serious burgerphile. 

It is located in Woodend, around an hour north of Melbourne, and sits in the shadows of Mount Macedon. Owners Janet Leung and David Morant boast that they only use "natural pasture-fed happy cows and free-range chicken".

In German, Dutch and Afrikaans, Super Lekker means "Super Delicious" - and the burgers we tried more than lived up to their billing. 

I've eaten burgers around the world, from fast food chains to creations by big-name chefs and this place has deliciousness spot-on. 

We sampled a Super Lekker ($15) with a beef patty, Istra bacon, cheese, red onion, egg, tomato, lettuce, pickles, gold mustard and ketchup, and a Burt Reynolds (also $15) with beef patty, Istra bacon, cheese, smoky barbecue sauce, caramelised onion, pickles and American mustard. 

The Lillie's sauces, McClure's pickles and cheese are the secret weapons imported from the US, where they know a thing or two about burgers. 

My wife and I were heads down from start to finish, glancing at each other with increasing admiration for the treats we had in hand. If you like burgers you'll love this place.  

The menu also features side dishes, ice creams and drinks. You can eat in, or take away.

Super Lekker, 2/99 High Street, Woodend, VIC. (03) 5417 6125. Lunches Saturday-Sunday, evenings Wednesday-Saturday. 

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