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Monday 10 June 2019

Sydney's new airport starts to become a reality

After years of prevarication, inertia and inaction, Sydney is finally on the way to getting a second major airport. 

Australia's biggest two airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia, will get a say in the planning and design of the new Sydney Airport proposed for Badgerys Creek.

Western Sydney Airport management has signed a memorandum of understanding with the airlines to work together over how best to design the passenger terminal and related infrastructure.

They will set out common goals for baggage handling, security and customer service, and airport access.

"The insights we'll gain from working with the airlines help us build an airport that people will love using," said Western Sydney Airport chief executive Graham Millett.

"Australian airlines have long been advocates of Western Sydney gaining its own airport,"

The $5.3 billion airport project is expected to open by 2026 - although given the way projects fall behind schedule in Sydney with monotonous regularity 2030 is probably a more realistic date. 

"The unique collaboration is a 'great example of industry partners working together to help shape the best travel experience," said Virgin Australia CEO Paul Scurrah.

The Government recently said the new airport will be named Nancy-Bird Walton Airport in recognition of one of the country's greatest aviators.

Construction at the airport began in 2018 after being pushed back many times. 

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