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Thursday 13 June 2019

Seriously good wireless earbuds

I demand a couple of key attributes from my wireless earbuds. 

First the sound must be good; and two they must be comfortable and not fall out when I am walking or (very occasionally) running. 

New earbuds are being released - and updated - at a rapid rate. 

Just a couple of years ago there were very few options - and prices could be excessive. Now there are several choices but I very much like the new PaMu Slide earbuds that I was sent to try. 

This is the second set of wireless earbuds I’ve reviewed from this company - and the latest incarnation has a lot of merit. 

First there is a smart-looking charging case that also offers an option to charge your phone wirelessly.

The PaMu Slide earbuds are thinner and more comfortable than earlier models, with longer battery life than the previous Scroll yersion. 

The sound and syncing of the Slide earbuds are impressive.  

The PadMate team has worked with for many major brands including Nokia, Softbank and Huawei and with just a single charge you get over 10 hours of playtime. 

The portable charging case delivers five full recharges - enough for 60 hours of music, enough to last you a long weekend.

At an intro $49, these are a bargain.

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