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Sunday 12 November 2017

Meet a new travel gadget that is truly useful

I'm in love. 

I'm a huge fan of travel gadgets - particularly anything that can make life on the road easier. 

This one doesn't just work, it can change your life if you are heading into the wilderness, onto a small boat or anywhere it might be hard to find a power outlet. 

I've tried power banks before, of course. They might charge your iPhone once or twice before closing down. 

Meet the Cygnett USB-C ChargeUp Pro 20,000mah Power Bank, which can charge an iPhone up to 10 times and comes with three USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once.

Compatible with all the latest devices, Cygnett USB-C Power Bank will provide higher (and fast) levels of power to HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga, MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Nintendo Switch. 

It's a clever little bugger that automatically detects the device it has been plugged into and delivers the exact amount of power required - and is up to 75% faster than similar devices. 

The makers claim it will perform 10 smartphone charges, two tablet charges or a complete laptop charge before it needs recharging. It comes in black, or fashionable teal and looks and feels good. 

So that's the good news. You can probably travel overseas for a week with this baby without ever needing to look for a power point. 

What's the bad news? Well, it costs $169.95 for a start, making it little more expensive than those $20 power banks from K Mart or Shiploads. 

It's also bigger and heavier, perhaps the size of a small paperback, and of a similar weight. 

That said, it charges my iPhone in under an hour and I'm not going far from home without it ever again. 

PS: Cygnett. You are not getting your test sample back. 

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