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Sunday 19 November 2017

Proof that the travelling public are idiots

Where can we see the wild haggis? Can you teach me Spanish in an hour? 

If you ever had any doubt that that travelling public was slightly lacking in the IQ department, a new survey released by the Traveldoge hotel chain in the UK removes all doubt. 

These are Brits, so sympathy is required, but can you seriously imagine rocking up at the reception of your local hotel and asking to use it as the venue for the school nativity play? 

The budget hotel chain polled staff across its 552 UK properties about the weirdest requests they had received. 

Blackpool South Shore was asked to move a guest’s entire room closer to the beach as they wanted to hear the ocean, while London Tower Bridge was expected to accommodate a yacht.

Another team were asked if they could stay up all night sewing crystals onto a wedding dress.  

In Slough, the team was asked directions to The Office to meet Ricky Gervais’ fictional character, David Brent. 

One Halifax guest wanted to be taught Spanish in an hour to impress Spanish investors, while one at Fort William asked about the local haggis population. 

Not forgetting the optimistic guest who wanted Travelodge staff to transform into wedding planners, asking if they could arrange for a ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral.

Which train goes to Hogwarts? 

Please can you stop the wind from blowing? 

Am I able to bring Spyro, my 7ft Komodo Dragon, to stay with me as part of your pet policy? 

Please can you fill my room with pink inflatable flamingos?

All in a day's work for Travelodge staff. 

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