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Saturday 11 November 2017

Tasmania's sparkling wine festival spreads its bubbles

Effervescence Tasmania is the sparkling wine festival that keeps on growing. 

In addition to four days of festivities in and around Launceston next weekend, Effervescence is expanding its boundaries to include Hobart for the first time. 

Effervescence will kick off on Wednesday with a luxury cocktail event and degustation dinner at the new Atmosphere @ Frogmore Creek (below) on the Hobart waterfront.

It’s the first time a major Effervescence event has been held in the south of the state and event organisers are delighted that the event has grown enough to support a statewide presence.

Effervescence organiser and Josef Chromy winemaker Jeremy Dineen said: “While Effervescence is firmly anchored in the north of the state, where the majority of the sparkling wine grapes are grown, several of our key sparkling winemakers are based in and around Hobart so it is fitting to bring a small part of the festival to them. 

"The launch cocktail party and the Effervescence @ Atmosphere dinner will provide a small sample of what will be on offer for the rest of the festival in Launceston and the Tamar Valley over the weekend.” 

The official launch will be followed by a five-course degustation dinner, where the Effervescence team intends to prove that sparkling wine can be appropriate for every course.

Chef Reuben Koopman said: "The opportunity to bring a slice of Effervescence to the south and to create a sparkling-focused experience in Atmosphere was an exciting prospect." 

Effervescence Tasmania runs from November 16-19 celebrating the New World’s best sparkling wines across a long weekend of luxury and indulgence with special guest and sparkling wine/Champagne expert Tyson Stelzer. 

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