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Monday 23 October 2017

The perfect wine for Halloween - with a skull label that glows in the dark

It has been a recent phenomenon but Australians appear to have adopted the very American festivities of Halloween with great gusto.

Trick or treating sounds downright unAustralian to me; since when did Aussie kids harass the neighbours in search of free sweets? - which is essentially what "trick or treating" comes down to. 

Nor have we traditionally carved pumpkins into lanterns designed to scare off evil spirits. 

And certainly not Trumpkins, pumpkins carved into Donald Trump likenesses to scare the whole darn neighbourhood to death. 

But Halloween has caught on like wildfire, spreading from its Irish/Scottish origins to the US, and now Down Under, where parents are apparently quite happy for pre-teens to knock on the doors of the very strangers they tell them to stay away from on every other day of the year.

Where there's a party there's a buck to be made, however, there is a buck to be made, so it comes as no surprise that Halloween now has its own wine. 
And it's being marketed under the slogan: "You've probably got your costume sorted, but what about the wine for Halloween?" 

My costume? 

Anyway, the people at Bare//Bones Wines, say they want to make sure adults can have their own Halloween treat on October 31 - one that is not potentially lethal given its sugar levels - and does not involve replicas of body parts. 

Bare//Bones Cabernet Sauvignon comes with a "scary" skull design label that, you've guessed it, glows in the dark. Impressively so. 

So if you are looking for a Coonawarra cabernet for $18.99 as a special Halloween treat, pop into your local Dan Murphy's store.

The wine is perfectly serviceable, decent value for sub-$20 without scaring a soul.   

# There is another Bare Bones wine range in the US - but it doesn't look anywhere near as scary. 


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