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Saturday 21 October 2017

The tastiest university of all - Sushi University

Have you ever wanted to know more about the many different types of sushi? 

Ever visited Japan and felt intimidated by the myriad choices? 

Help is at hand through Tetsuya Hanada and his English-speaking colleagues at the Sushi University in Tokyo, who can who can school guests on the dos and don'ts of omakase dining. 

The team offers the chance taste authentic edomae sushi (fresh raw fish, and cooked rice which is seasoned with vinegar) while having an informative conversation with the sushi chef over the counter. 

The Sushi University provides an escorting-interpreter service so that guests can get acquainted with the culture and history of sushi, learn stories about fresh ingredients and also a chef’s technique and style. 

There are several different courses/feasts available, all conducted in real restaurants, starting from Y10,000 per person (around $Aus112). 

The interpreter accompanying you means you are able to ask serious questions to the chef. 

There are three courses: basic, intermediate and advanced. In a basic course, the lectures will be conducted at a sushi bar where office workers might want to drop by to grab a sushi dinner after work. 

In the intermediate course, the lectures will be at a mid-range sushi restaurant, while the advanced course features a high-quality sushi establishment. 

Lectures and tastings are all held at counter seats, not tables. In sushi restaurants, counter seats are the best place to sit since visitors are able to see close-up a chef’s knife skills and hand-rolling technique. 

Since there is a limited number of seats at a counter, the participants are limited to a party of seven (minimum students/gournets two). 

Sushi University experts can meet visitors at their hotel, and choose a selected sushi restaurant within 30 minutes. 

Perhaps start with a chef-recommended Japanese sake before sampling the various dishes. 

For full details visit 

# Tetsuya Hanada contacted me with this info. I hope to graduate next time I am in Tokyo.   

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