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Tuesday 31 October 2017

A whole new outlook for the Royal Mail at Dunkeld

The team at renowned Victorian gastronomic destination The Royal Mail in Dunkeld have unveiled a new eatery: Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel. 

The new restaurant has been built in a separate location and features unobstructed views of Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt. 

It has been built to create an even stronger connection between the land and the dining table - and the menu designed to be illustrative of the seasonal expression of the Grampians. 

A winding bush trail connects the hotel and the new restaurant. 

The new restaurant’s namesake, executive chef Robin Wickens, has worked closely on the project; involving himself in the design of the kitchen, that he says “will provide greater culinary scope of the five- and eight-course menus Royal Mail Hotel is celebrated for.” 

The Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel signature dining experience is an eight-course Chef’s Tasting Menu ($185.00) with matched wines ($145.00). A five-course Chef’s Tasting Menu ($165.00) with matched wines ($115.00) and vegetarian Chef’s Tasting Menu are also available, as is a Chef’s Table in the kitchen for up to four guests.  

The menus, whilst changing frequently subject to the produce that is abundant in the garden, will always include herbs, greens, petals, roots, something from the ocean, poultry, a red meat protein (sheep and cows bred on-site for specific use in the dining room), dairy from local farmers and fruits.  

Wickens says diners can expect to see “culinary textures that emulate the garden with mulched greens, soils, foams, purées, petals, micro herbs, dried and crisp leaves, jus, juice and brews, such as vegetable infusions and teas.”

Much of the produce is sourced from the 1.2 hectare kitchen garden - the largest working restaurant kitchen garden in Australia - which grows more than 400 edible species per year. 

Dunkeld Pastoral Company rears herds of beef and lamb specifically for Wickens, this allows the kitchen team to manage the entire process from breed selection, grazing, slaughter age and butchery.

Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel is open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday and for lunch on weekends. The dining room seats up to 60 people, the Private Dining Room can seat up to 14 and the Chef’s Table can seat up to four guests.

The Royal Mail Hotel also provides a range of accommodation options for up to 120 guests starting from $245.00 per night. 

Restaurant reservations can be made on the Royal Mail Hotel website, or by calling +61 3 5577 2241.

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