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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The travel listicle to end all listicles. Where to go in 2018.

Listicles, listicles everywhere you look. 

In magazines: the top five spas in Moldova. In newspapers:  Eight of the best spots to enjoy breakfast in bed. 

Enough listicles already. 

Except when they are really over the top just like the one I received today as a press release for British Airways revealing the airline's annual travel predictions for the year ahead, selecting the top 18 must-see destinations for 2018. 

The top 18. Why not 15, or or 20? Maybe someone ran out of time, or inspiration. Or maybe it is 18 for 2018? But anyway, this is quite impressive list of destinations people actually might want to go to, rather than the usual obscure or absurd choices: a remote mountain range in Guatemala, or a hip, happening weekend in Hull.

Highly-anticipated sporting events, new routes and TV programmes all influence BA's top travel predictions. The latest season of Game of Thrones has put Croatia firmly on the map (well, not on my map), and a number of far-flung destinations rank among the top picks, including Barbados and Muscat.

As one of the most desirable holiday destinations, the Seychelles is described as "a must-see for 2018". I'm not arguing. 

Nicole Backo, British Airways’ regional general manager, South West Pacific, said: “Savvy holiday-makers are always looking for top tips to explore the latest and coolest destinations. We’ve built up years of experience to offer deals to suit all travellers, from city breaks, to fly drives to multi-city tours.”

So here are the top 18 in order: 1. Barbados (above), 2. Copenhagen, 3. Croatia (all of it, apparently), 4. Inverness, 5. Lisbon, 6. Malta, 7. Mykonos, 8. Nashville, 9. New Orleans, 10 New York, 11. Muscat (Oman), 12. Oakland, 13. Russia (all of it, apparently), 14. Santiago, 15. Seoul, 16. Seychelles, 17. Tallinn, 18. Toronto. 

It looks like Australia is decidedly uncool (surely Tasmania could have made 19 or 20) so this list won't be getting much coverage in the Australian media. 

I'm keen on 15 of those destinations though (hello, British Airlines PR person) but a little baffled by the choice of Inverness now Caley Thistle have been relegated.

British Airways' route network currently serves more than 200 destinations around the world including nearly 60 in Europe and in the UK. The airline has been flying to Australia for over 80 years and operates a daily service between Sydney and London Heathrow via Singapore. BA is the only European airline to fly to Australia (and that does surprise me).

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  1. Well, 18 for '18, right? Hoping to get to Lisbon, Copenhagen and New York myself. And Russia -- that'd be the World Cup.