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Monday, 12 July 2021

Winemaker takes advantage of ill fortune to do some good

Mike Calneggia of Calneggia Family Vineyards in Western Australia found himself in a tricky spot after China raised tariffs on Australian wine imports.

He was sitting on a heap of shiraz destined for customers in China who had cancelled their orders. 

At the same time, wine distributors Naked Wines Australia unveiled a $5 million rescue fund for independent Australian winemakers who had taken a hit from the China tariff issue. The scheme is called Stop The Squeeze.

Calneggia was successful in gaining funds and decided to release the Bloody Good Red, which will help to raise funds for the Snowdome Foundation, which is Australia's leading foundation providing research and treatment support for Australians suffering from blood cancers.

This is a cause dear to Calneggia and his family's heart as his father died as a result of blood cancer.

"By snapping up the Bloody Good Red, you’re not only supporting a bloody great cause, you’re getting your lips around a magnificent 2018 Western Australian shiraz," Calneggia said.
Alicia Kennedy, managing director from Naked Wines, said: "When Mike came to us with his idea for the Bloody Good Red and how Stop The Squeeze could lend support, it received a resounding ‘Yes!’ from all of us at Naked."

"Independent winemakers do it tough enough as it is, with small margins and the compounding experiences of bushfires and Covid. Big market forces like the China trade tariffs can literally push some winemakers to the edge and over.

"Stop the Squeeze is our small way in ensuring independent winemakers have some much needed support and hope, and we can make sure great wines like Mike's Bloody Good Red actually get the attention they deserve and don't just get lost on the shelf."
Bloody God Red is exclusively through Naked Wines ($19.99 per bottle, $239.88 a case), with part proceeds from every bottle going to the Snowdome Foundation.

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  1. And an amazing, gererous success it was. Grant, Snowdome Co Founder