East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Cruise to nowhere until Covid strikes

With most overseas travel out of bounds, cruises to nowhere have been popular with Singapore residents - until this week, anyway.

A Dream Cruises ship returned to Singapore after a passenger tested positive for Covid-19 on board.

It arrived back a few hours earlier than scheduled at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Travel Mole reported.

The passenger was reportedly fully vaccinated, and had tested negative in an antigen rapid test on the day of departure, Dream Cruises said.

When the positive test was confirmed all passengers were asked to return to their cabins and all activities on board were stopped.

"As part of onboard health protocols, the passenger's three travelling companions were identified and isolated. They have tested negative for Covid-19 and further contact tracing is ongoing," said Singapore Tourism Board director of cruising Annie Chang.

"The passenger was then identified as a close contact of a confirmed case on land, and was immediately isolated."

The World Dream ship operates short 'cruises to nowhere' out of Singapore.

Cruises to nowhere are restricted to Singapore residents only and have been a popular escape for Singaporeans with other travel opportunities very limited.

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