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Thursday 22 July 2021

Major crackdown on Covid vaccination recalcitrants

France is getting tough on vaccination recalcitrants with a new Covid-19 health pass being rolled out.

From this week, people in France wanting to visit cinemas, museums, sports events and other cultural venues will be required to show proof of vaccination, a negative test, or recent recovery from the virus.

The health pass will be extended in August to cover patrons of restaurants, caf├ęs and shopping centres.

The certification scheme forms part of new measures imposed by President Emmanuel Macron to curtail the transmission of coronavirus.

Macron’s move will also see vaccinations become mandatory for healthcare workers from September 15.

Health Minister Olivier Veran has this week warned the virus is spreading rapidly just as France prepares for its month-long August holidays, which will see many French people travelling south to holiday destinations.

The government’s strong response to the crisis has annoyed some sections of French society, some saying Macron’s plan infringes on the freedom of choice of those who do not want to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Lock 'em up, I say. 

If only New South Wales' alleged premier Gladrags Binchicken (as she is affectionately - or not so affectionately - known) had acted with similar vigour in Australia.

Binchicken is the dithering state leader who until last week allowed her subjects to frequent luxury stores to buy expensive handbags and visit hardware stores to buy tap washers. Both of which she deemed "essential" activities, apparently on the advice of Prime Minister Scott Moribund From Marketing.   

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal has described the Delta variant-driven surge as “stratospheric”; the national week-on-week infection rate has jumped 125% to 86 per 100,000, well above the national alert threshold of 50.

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