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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Monday, 19 July 2021

Cruise industry in Australia growing impatient

Despite the fact that just 20% of Australians have been fully vaccinated against Ciovid-19, the cruise industry in Australia is becoming impatient.

Cruise Lines International Association of Australasia (CLIA) has made a plea to the Federal Government, saying Australia is increasingly isolated as the only major cruise market in the world not taking meaningful action towards a revival of is cruise industry.

The plea came as the Canadian Government cut short its current cruise ban and will allow ships to sail again from November 1, 2021.

"Like Australia, Canada has taken a very conservative and risk-averse approach to cruising, but they've worked hard with industry to develop a detailed pathway towards resumption and economic recovery," said CLIA Managing Director Australasia Joel Katz.

"By contrast, Australia has made no progress towards establishing a framework for future cruise operations, despite the availability of comprehensive new health protocols at the international level."

Katz said the cruise suspension had already cost Australia more than $6 billion since early 2020 and had put more than 18,000 jobs at risk, including travel agents, tour operators, farmers and food suppliers.

"Around 600,000 people have already sailed successfully in countries where cruising has resumed, bringing back economic opportunities for local communities," Katz said.

"With these measures in place - including 100% testing of all passengers and crew before boarding – CLIA has called for Australian and New Zealand governments to agree upon detailed plans for a careful domestic cruising revival.

"This would initially begin within local bubbles, involving domestic-only cruises for local residents only.

“As Canada has recognised, it will take months of careful planning to revive cruise tourism.”

Image: Declan McWhinney, Scopio 

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