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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Friday, 20 September 2019

Has the world gone completely bonkers?

I'm sitting over breakfast at the delightful Mama Shelter in London reading The Guardian.

There is the usual nonsense from Boris "The Hulk" Johnson, Donald "Pants on Fire" Trump and Scott "Liar from the Shire" Morrison. The Canadian PM can't remember how many times he's dressed up as a Golliwog. 

But today the news is even more depressing than usual.

There is a British tour company promoting cruises for "Brits only", while Indonesia is looking to wreck Bali's tourism industry.

Saga, the insurance and travel company for the over-50s, has apologised after customers were sent a brochure advertising a cruise “exclusively for Brits”

The promotion read: “Exclusively for Brits. Exclusively adults only. Exclusively for over-50s.”

Saga subsequently apologised (caught out), insisting that people of all nationalities were welcome on its tours and cruises.

“We are extremely sorry for the error in the promotional leaflet that was sent to the database of one of our cruise partners,” said a spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Indonesian lawmakers are considering introducing a new rule that bans sex outside marriage - and it would apply to everyone, even drunk, bonking Australians visiting Bali.

Even if sex is consensual, people who have sex who aren't married or who are unmarried but living together could be jailed.

Article 419 says: "Couples who live together without being legally married could be sentenced to six months in prison."

They could also cop a six-month jail sentence for 'obscene acts in public', which will no doubt see thousands of people who get rip-roaring drunk every year in the beach paradise locked up.

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  1. Indonesia is slowly moving away from a moderate, relativley secular administration. Meanwhile, what can you say about the UK? "exclusivley for Brits' will suit the Brexiteers done to teh ground. They want to leavethe EU but don't mind barnstorming back onto the Continent to get their 'culture'.