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Thursday 26 September 2019

When simple is best; an Italian lunch in Bavaria

When it comes to food and beverages simple can often be best.

Such was the case with the humble Italian trattoria that I stumbled across in Erding, Germany, at lunchtime.

How I came to be in this spa and brewing town is a story for another day but I was determined that lunch would not be at Maccas or the local Lidl supermarket (the only two immediate options).

Fortunately I stumbled up on Bistrorante Liberty, unwelcoming from the outside, in a distinctly unpromising neighbourhood.

The local Erdinger Weissbier was available (
3.90 for a half litre), a good start, and there was a daily lunch menu of a fresh salad and choice of pizza or a pasta of the day for $7.90. Seemed like a good deal.

The salad, was, as advertised, fresh and crispy, and was served with fresh bread. The penne al'arrabiata was slightly spicy and nicely al dente with fresh tomatoes and Parmesan on the side. Delicious.

I topped up my bill with an espresso and the waiter was so delighted to have an Australian in house that he insisted I tried a glass of the Sarpa di Poli grappa on the house. It was made with a marc from merlot and cabernet grapes.

I ended up with a bill of €14.20, which was more than fair. Now you know where to head if you end up in the backstreets of Erding.
Bistrorante Liberty, Max-Plank-Strasse 8, 85435, Erding. 08122 540 575.         

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