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Wednesday 11 September 2019

A top spot to kick back in Munich

Sometimes when you are travelling you stumble across a place in which you feel instantly at home.

On my visit to Munich that place was Cafe Kosmos.

It is pretty scruffy hole in the wall but a great spot for a beer or two, or a well-made coffee.

Set on two levels (upstairs is reached via a rather menacing circular staircase), it attracts an eclectic crowd with its welcoming vibe and well-priced drinks.

The Cafe Kosmos can be packed to the rafters at night but us more relaxed by day with beers for €1.30 and an espresso for €1.40.

Look out for the Barbie cigarette vending machine where the dolls shake their heads when you try to buy; and the Vodkazilla vodka machine.

The theme is “everyone is welcome.”

Staff behind the bar are super-friendly and multilingual, there is free wifi and the bar is just around the corner from the main railway station.

Not the most salubrious quarter but if shabby chic (or happy, smiling people) are your thing then you will love it.

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