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Thursday 12 September 2019

What the hell have they done with Brussels?

Brussels is/was one of the most imposing cities in Europe. 

The Belgian capital is/was full of impressive old buildings, delightful small shops, cafes and bars and quiet pedestrian walkways. So much more than a statue of a small boy urinating.

Or it used to be. 

Today it is full of road closures, renovations, major building works and noise - lots of noise. 

Whichever city father, or mother, who allowed so much work to go on at the same time needs to hang their head in shame. 

From the Gare du Midi to the Grand Place, Brussels is a city in transition. Best to visit when all the work has been done. If that ever happens. 

I strolled the city today looking for eye-catching sites. There are still plenty among the chaos, but the city is, unfortunately, a sad shell of its former glory. 


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