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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Technology will automatically translate wine labels

Clever technology that enables shoppers to read wine labels written in a variety of languages will soon become the standard among savvy wineries, digital marketing specialist Dave Chaffey believes.

Third Aurora, a tech start-up led by Geelong-based Chaffey, has announced that the technology will be rolled out to its Winerytale platform in 2020.

A video on the Third Aurora website demonstrates the technology with English text instantaneously translated to Chinese. 

The ground-breaking technology is said to be capable of translating more than 100 languages. 

"Artificial intelligence reads and interprets the content and augmented reality projects the new text back onto the label, right in front of you," Chaffey says. 

"The labels aren't actually changing, the translation is projected using augmented reality, which is powered by your smartphone."

It sounds like a handy app to have in your front pocket. 

"it's definitely picking up pace – this sort of technology will reach tipping point very quickly – we think it will be towards the end of 2020," Chaffey says.

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