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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Monaco speeds into 21st century as Australia stagnates

While Australians struggle with their second-rate NBN (thanks Malcolm) the Principality of Monaco is now completely connected to 5G making it the first in the world to achieve total coverage with the high-speed technology.

The 5G roll-out is the first pillar of the Extended Monaco program.

Frédéric Genta, the country's Chief Digital Officer, highlighted the enormous change that 5G will bring about: “5G is not simply an improved version of 4G, it represents a paradigm shift. Whilst all of the previous generations focused on telecommunications and exchanges between individuals, 5G is shaping the integration of digital technology into every part of our society and our economy.

"Energy, health, media and transport will all be transformed thanks to 5G... The technology offers enormous opportunities for the Principality, its residents, its public policies and its economy, and these will benefit everyone.

This new technology is essential if we are to offer our clients better service and meet their growing expectations for high-speed mobile access.

“The future applications of 5G in the everyday lives of Monegasques look extremely promising. In parallel with the launch of 5G, Monaco Telecom is continuing to roll out its fibre network in order to deliver service quality that is acknowledged as the best in the world. This is our goal for the company and our mission as the national operator.”

From a technical point of view, 5G will make it possible to increase speeds ten-fold and reduce connection times by 10. Simultaneous processing will also be improved ten-fold and will be able to support more connected objects via antennae.

“5G represents an enormous opportunity for us to attract further demand from both MICE and leisure segments” said Alison Roberts-Brown, Regional Director of Visit Monaco Australia and New Zealand.

“This is yet another testament of Monaco's dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking approach and commitment to offering its visitors nothing but the best quality services” she added.

As part of the “Smart Principality” concept, developed by the #ExtendedMonaco program, Monaco is also currently trialling its first autonomous electric shuttle bus, providing a service for residents and tourists.

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