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Sunday 17 February 2019

Wading through PR gobbledygook in search of a story

I get a lot of press releases that don't make a lot of sense, but one headlined "Kafnu to open in Sydney" had me baffled.

It turns out that Kafnu is is used as branding by international hospitality outfit Next Story Group.

Next Story wanted to report the "market entry" of its "genre-defining" Kafnu brand into Australia with the opening of Kafnu Alexandria in Sydney.

Kafnu Alexandria, set to open on March 1 (below), is the group's fourth Kafnu property following Hong Kong, Taipei and Bengaluru. Oh, and one soon in Colombo. 

The press releases says that "all Kafnu members have access to all Kafnu properties around the world".

Err, that's four properties, but "this enables members to stay connected to the Kafnu community and continue to enjoy the benefits of engaging spaces, locally-relevant facilities and thoughtful amenities when they travel for work and leisure."

Kafnu takes its name from a hamlet in Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India, where adventurers rejuvenate, refresh and reflect before their ascent towards the Himalayan summit.

Combining "the best elements of a shared work space, boutique hotel and social community, Kafnu properties are strategically-located and designed to foster co-creation, co-exploration and co-innovation".

I feel exhausted already. But wait, there's more.

"Kafnu aims to elevate the individual and collective potential of its members, who include creators and business owners, and to support them in their journey to success by providing the ideal environment for them to work, rest and socialise".

The Kafnu Alexandria is the inner city - an area noteworthy for its lack of reliable public transport - and close to Sydney Airport.

The press release says: "Members enjoy 24/7 access to the unique and convenient facilities that span two levels. Multiple work space configurations and meetings rooms support productivity, while purpose-built media production and podcast studios offer added utility to tech-savvy members. There are also 16 luxuriously furnished guest rooms for a good night's rest and a bespoke gin bar, where members can unwind and socialise. A virtual fitness studio ensures that members can stay on track with their fitness regimens, and as an added convenience, Kafnu membership also comes with GoGet car membership."

It doesn't get any more hip than bespoke gin bars and virtual fitness studios, but, how, pray, does one become a member?

"We are excited to introduce the Kafnu brand to Australia," said Simon Hall, general manager of Kafnu Alexandria. "What sets Kafnu Alexandria apart is our positive community culture, which encourages members to share experiences, learn from one another, work together and inspire one another to achieve even more. We are building a vibrant community of hyphenates, entrepreneurs and trailblazers, and we will support their success through bespoke activities, including talks, workshops, seminars, and industry-specific events that facilitate networking and collaboration."

Right, but what about minor details like how one becomes a member? How much does it cost? How does the system work?

The press release doesn't say. It tells me to go to I still couldn't discover how to become a member. I wish you better luck, should you be interested.

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