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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Lifting the bar when it comes to economy class meals

A lot of airline food is generic and close to inedible - particularly in economy class. 

I once did several legs on the same airline and was served four variations of a ham and cheese sandwich. 

Among the best airlines for economy food is Malaysian-based budget airline Air Asia - and now En Route has announced the launch of innovative hot hand-held snacks, developed exclusively for Malaysia Airlines. 

Passengers flying on selected flights from Australia to Malaysia will be able to enjoy the hot snack trio.

The hot snack, consisting of two pastries and a calzone, draws on the cultural heritage of Malaysia by bringing together Malay, Chinese and Indian flavour influences (plus Italian with the calzone, which has nothing at all to do with Malaysia).

The trio will contain lamb rendang, Chinese barbecue chicken and tandoori paneer. There will also be a vegetarian option available. 

Lau Yin May, Head of Customer Experience, Malaysia Airlines, said: "At Malaysia Airlines we are always looking at new ways to improve our food offerings on-board. We are confident that these handheld snacks will be a great new addition, capturing the unique tastes of Malaysia’s rich cultural traditions that we, as the national airline, are renowned for.”

David Helm, Asia Pacific and Middle East director for En Route International, said: “Malaysia Airlines asked us to provide a solution that was different to other hot hand-held products in the market. By working collaboratively with the team at Malaysia Airlines, our team was able to offer a solution that we are all very excited about.”

If you get to taste these snacks before me please let me know. The idea certainly makes good sense - and whole lot better than those ham and cheese sandwiches. 

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