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Sunday 3 February 2019

Getting up close and personal with honey producers

If you are one of those travellers who wants immersive experiences then luxury Tasmanian resort Saffire Freycinet has just launched a new option for its more adventurous guests. 

Exclusive to guests of Saffire Freycinet and included in the Saffire rate is new hive-to-honey experience, with a guided tour of a local apiary.

Guided by Saffire's horticulturalist Rob Barker, producer of Wild Hives honey, guests equipped with beekeeping suits get an up-close look at the hone-making process.

Guests can now trade oyster farm waders (one of the resort's most popular experiences) for full-body apiarist suit to witness thousands of Tasmanian bees at work, and extract warm, fresh honeycomb. 

“With up to 60,000 bees per hive, beating their wings 230 times each second, this is actually quite an adrenalin-filled experience,” says Barker, although his calming influence on both guests and bees alike ensures the bees are  not disrupted throughout the encounter. 

 “Such immersion in nature is as fascinating as it is exciting, particularly as bees are the cornerstone of our ecosystem, without which our world would be a very different place.”

The experience was launched mid-December 2018 and creates yet another link between Saffire guests and local producers of premium Tasmanian food and beverage. 

Saffire's culinary policy stipulates that 80% of produce is sourced locally on the island, with the Tasmanian-born executive chef Iain Todd often incorporating raw, wild, unheated and pure honey from the apiary in a variety of dishes on the daily-changing menu.

# Saffire has been recognised as the Best Luxury Hotel in Australia and South Pacific 2019, by the world's largest travel website, TripAdvisor, for the fifth consecutive year in a row.

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