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Friday 16 November 2018

Marketing madness is killing our country

I felt like an ice cream after lunch. So I went to the supermarket and grabbed a Magnum. 

It was not until I got home that I realised that I had invested not in a dessert but a Raspberry Chocolate Truffle designed by Romance was Born for the Fashion Collection. 

It's an ice cream, for heaven's sake, not part of a fashion collection. 

Then, came an email from Domino's, claiming they were "the official pizza of summer". This is part of a new menu launching on Saturday.

As if anyone can be the official anything of summer. What a ridiculous claim. An insult to the customer's intelligence, maybe.

Here is some of the Domino's email PR guff:

"Whether your thongs experience a blowout, you get sand in places you didn’t know existed, the summer fling won’t call you back or you’ve got work Christmas party regret, no one understands the need to be there during the summer moments more than Domino’s. 
"The ‘Official Pizza of Summer’ menu serves up an enriching and decadent selection of Domino’s finest foods while capturing all the feels and memorable moments of summer."

It sounds more like the script of a bad Bachelorette episode than something designed to make me splash out on a pizza, particularly the self-designated Official Pizza of Summer. 

C'mon marketing types. Lift your games. 

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