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Monday 11 June 2018

Which international airline has the most cachet? You might be surprised

A new international survey has asked travellers which international airlines they would most like to fly with, based purely on image. 

Based on perceptions, Etihad emerged as the most desired carrier with 98% of respondents wanting to fly thanks to the power of the brand. Qatar Airways and Lufthansa followed with 96% and 95% respectively, while Kazakhstan's Air Astana came in as the least desired mode of transport.

Lufthansa and British Airways were the most recognized worldwide but Australia's Qantas could only manage 16th spot overall. 

The aided online poll was conducted among 24,000 participants from 68 countries aged between 17 and 78 who claimed to have traveled by plane at least one time during the past 24 months.

The rankings were produced by the German design and branding team,

The goal of the questions was to understand the effect marketing, reputation and the country of origin may have on the desirability people may have to fly in it.

The study is part of a larger study on corporate logos and branding penetration. Among the findings it was found that the Gulf airlines have an edge when it comes to branding, credibility, and desirability. 

The top five were: Etihad (98%), Qatar Airways (96%), Lufthansa (95%), Emirates (95%) and All Nippon Airways (88%). 

The least respected included Malaysia Airlines and Air Astana (both 5%). 

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