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Thursday 28 June 2018

Some good old-fashioned sense on enjoying wine

Most Australians would probably say, with great confidence, that they do not need an American to tell them how to become a happier, more confident wine drinker.

They'd be wrong, though, as California-based writer Jon Bonné talks a lot of sense and is easy to understand.

No talk about diurnal variations or clonal influence here; just good, old-fashioned commonsense to give novice wine drinkers a little more confidence.

Bonné's new book: The New Wine Rules has plenty of good advice about buying and storing wine, advice that is just as useful to someone in Melbourne as in Buggerup, Idaho.

Learn why you should smell the cork (should you be stupid enough to buy wine under cork in the first place) and why a wine’s price rarely reflects its real quality.

Learn some ways to impress friends with little-known facts on serving and ordering wine in restaurants, as well as how to pair perfectly with food.

Bonné is the Californian Matt Kramer. For nearly a decade he served as the award-winning wine editor and chief wine critic of the San Francisco Chronicle, and he now writes on wine for several publications.

Be warned, however, that this edition is written with British consumers in mind and has not been adapted for Australian sensibilities.  

The New Wine Rules is published by Quadrille on July 1. RRP $19.99/ $NZ22.99.

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