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Wednesday 27 June 2018

New wine bar to focus on women winemakers

A new wine bar to open in London next month plans to focus largely on wines made by women.

The owner of Lady of the Grapes, Carole Byron, told Decanter magazine she plans to showcase wines made by female winemakers when her business opens in trendy Covent Garden in mid-July.

“When I first started in the industry I realised there were not a lot of women [involved] so I want to support all women in wine from the vineyard to the shop," Byron said.

“I want to champion women in the wine trade and make them more visible through our wine list, because it’s not just men who make wine.”

As well as wines made by women, Lady of the Grapes will focus on wines that are organic, biodynamic or natural, and from independent vineyards.

There will also be a menu of organic food, and a deli selling cheese and charcuterie products.

‘We are creating a distinctive yet relaxed space where you can drink exquisite natural wines and eat stunning artisanal organic food,’ Byron said on her website.

There will be 80 wines on the list, and 15 of those will be available by the glass.

Lady of the Grapes added that it was still seeking to raise further financial support through a Crowdfunding campaign.

"We want to ensure each and every customer has a delightful epicurean experience while supporting female winemakers," Byron told The Evening Standard.

"As we see more and more women taking the lead and being in charge of vineyards, let's shine a light on them within this traditionally male-dominated industry."



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