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Friday 22 June 2018

How an airport security check can lead to you being scammed

Having once been scammed by the security staff at a French airport I am at my most alert when going through the travel screening process. 

I'm wary of both the security staff, who I am sure were responsible for the disappearance of my laptop in Nice, as well as fellow travellers, who can be either incompetent fools or con men.

Security staff can work together to distract and delay you; demanding you open your bag, which has just been scanned, while your wallet, phone, laptop etc are unattended further down the conveyor belt.

A delay like this can take several minutes, as the staff go through every inch of your completely innocent baggage, and you are both panicked and alarmed by the scrutiny. 

If you do notice that something has gone missing it will then take several minutes for a supervisor to appear. Your chances of getting your property back from these accomplished scammers: zero. 

Just as dangerous are the team of two crooks working together at the check point. One goes ahead, while the other delays you by fiddling around with coins, shoes, belt or wallet, often needing to go through the x-ray machine a couple of times. 

Meanwhile, your valuables are out the other side and into a bag carried by the staller's accomplice. 

No matter what is happening always keep a close eye on the other end of the conveyor belt. 

It makes you less of a target, although you can also be deliberately delayed by a slow-moving security pat-down person. At a busy airport that can lead to the same result.  

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