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Monday 22 January 2018

Please improve the weather forecast: tourism operators

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council has called on weather forecasters to be more upbeat in their predictions. 

Hospitality operators in the "Sunshine State" say meteorologists are too downcast and have called for a more positive spin on daily weather forecasts.

The Council wants the Bureau of Meteorology to be more positive and replace forecasts like 'partly cloudy' with 'mostly sunny' or 'chance of rain' with 'likely sunny.'

"Weather messaging has a significant impact on weekend, spontaneous and day-trip travel plans," said QTIC chief executive Daniel Gschwind.

"We prefer the 'glass half full' option when it comes to weather reporting - for example, 'mainly sunny' is more encouraging to domestic travellers than 'chance of rain'."

Due to high temperatures and long dry spells, Gschwind said rain showers are a good thing and should be portrayed as such.

"Rain in Queensland doesn't have the same implications as the northern hemisphere. I don't think it should be framed in a bad way. It could even be described as a 'cooling down shower' or something."

Sorry, but I can't stop laughing. I wonder what the Queenslanders would make of the forecast at the top. 

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