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Saturday 30 May 2020

Help save the environment and drink from a pouch

How would you feel about having your gin or whisky delivered straight to your door in a recyclable plastic pouch; saving on delivery costs and helping the environment? 

Two English firms, Whisky Me and Bullards Distillers, are distributing their spirits in pouches made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) that is inert and does not affect the quality of the spirits.

Whisky Me sends samples in a pouch that has "the same dimensions as 90s mix tape and will fit through your letterbox and in your pocket", saying: "It’s a whole lot more exciting than your average flat-pack delivery.

Bullards Distillers in Norwich is using larger pouches to enable customers to completely refill a bottle.

As well as being environmentally-friendly, they say the service is budget friendly.

And with the pouch arriving in a robust brown cardboard box, the firm says buyers can be assured there's no danger of their dog getting a taste of their Old Tom or London Dry if it lands on the doormat while they're out.

Once customers have bought a bottle they won't need to throw it away. With the new service, they order online a refill of gin which arrives in a neat 700ml pouch with an easy-to use spout for pouring straight into the bottle.

At no extra charge, customers post back the pouch so it can be recycled by a specialist firm.

Russell Evans, chairman of Bullards, said: "To order a bottle of our gin to be delivered costs £40 plus £4.50 for postage and packing but the pouches will cost £35 and this includes the cost of returning it for recycling.

"We as a firm are trying to cut down our carbon footprint and there is also a lot of plastic packaging around the glass bottles which we want to reduce. We would like to offer the service to our bar and restaurant clients, too, so they can save on the amount it costs them to get rid of all the bottles."

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