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Thursday 31 October 2019

Tread softly, enjoy wine in moderation and help the planet

At a time when the future of the planet is foremost in lots of minds, it is good to know that at least one wine company is committed to doing its bit to help the environment. 

For every case of Tread Softly wine sold, Fourth Wave Wines plants a tree in conjunction with Carbon Neutral. 

So far Tread Softly has committed to 15,000 new trees being planted in a biodiversity corridor at Yarra Yarra in Western Australia. 

Tread Softly is being promoted as a "a new breed of moderate alcohol wine that’s not only good for the consumer, it’s better for the environment, too."

Tread Softly uses sustainable vineyard management to ensure the production has a minimal impact on the environment and is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint.  

Every aspect has been considered; it says, from reduced water usage and renewable solar energy as well as packaging where the glass bottle is significantly lighter and the label is made from uncoated paper stock.

The seedlings are planted once a year in winter after the first heavy rains and this year Carbon Neutral planted 330 hectares with some 94,500 seedlings sown. 

With the aid of Tread Softly they aim to improve upon this and already have plans for an additional 446 hectares  be planted in 2020.

Co-founder of Tread Softly Nicholas Crampton says his team is also working on “making the entire range carbon neutral from vine to store."

The range includes a prosecco, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, rosé and pinot noir. They retail for around $16 a bottle.   

The wines are available through Dan Murphy’s or via

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