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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Stage a monthly whisky tasting in your own home

Spirits drinkers are more discerning and adventurous than ever before. 

Entrepreneur Joel Hauer is gambling that Australian whisky drinkers are willing to splash out $59 a month to sample three different whiskies delivered to their door free of shipping costs. 

While Australians are drinking less there is a very obvious trend towards quality. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports an increase in premium spirit consumption  particularly in relation to whisky, vodka and gin. 

Enter Whisky Loot, aimed at meeting the needs of Australian spirit lovers and their increasingly refined approach. 

Whisky drinkers subscribe for a monthly fee and are provided with an opportunity to taste three different whiskies from premium award-winning distilleries from around the world. 

The concept aims to equip consumers with more knowledge by acting as a alternative method of alcohol discovery. 

Members also have the option to buy full bottles at discounted rates. 

"Whisky distilleries are where the craft beer market was in the early 90s; we're probably at 10% of where we could be in just a few short years," says Hauer. 

"With more and more choice coming onto the market every day, consumers are demanding more than their traditional bottle shop can provide.” 

The three 60-millilitre tasters are presented in a stylish gift box set complete with expert tasting notes, making it a popular corporate gift. Whisky Loot also plans to launch into additional liquor verticals including gin and vodka in the near future. 

Subscriptions are also available in pre-paid subscriptions. Three months for $169, six months for $329 and 12 months for $639 all shipped nationally for free. See

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