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Wednesday 27 March 2019

New riverside walkway planned for Tasmania's south

The beautiful Huon River in the deep south of Tasmania is much under-utilised for leisure. 

There are jet boat tours from Huonville, a rowing course at Franklin and the 17-metre wooden ketch Yukon makes occasional tourist sailings from Franklin. 

The Huon River: Image Winsor Dobbin 
Now a shared pathway from Huonville to Franklin along the Huon River Foreshore is a priority project for the local Huon Valley Council and could become a tourism drawcard for the Huon Valley.

"The walking, cycling and kayaking trail would make our beautiful river more accessible and could attract a large number of visitors to the area," says Mayor Bec Enders. 

Enders said Council had appointed environment engineering consultancy Pitt and Sherry to carry out a feasibility study into the project. 

“There is a boat on the river surveying the foreshore already trying to work out the best path for the pathway to take,” Enders said. “This could be an exciting development and we are looking forward to seeing what the consultants have to say when they finish their study. 

“While the prospect of a direct pathway between Huonville and Franklin is attractive, we need to make sure it’s a worthwhile project. That’s what this study is for. “Pitt and Sherry will identify where the pathway should go, consult with key stakeholders and report back with their estimated costs for design and construction.” 

Pitt and Sherry have considerable experience in similar projects having worked on the Northwest Coastal Pathway, the Snug to Margate shared cycle path, Glenorchy’s inner-city cycleway extension and a number of others. The study is currently underway and is expected to take 12 weeks in total.


  1. When the Margate to Snug cycleway appeared I couldn't wait to try it but no sooner was the path in place but they monstered it with huge intimidating ironworks that loom over the rider as if they were waiting to pounce. Maybe they did it to satisfy the lawyers, or to run up the cost of the project, maybe they really are just that stupid, in any event I have not the slightest desire to run that gauntlet. I do not go for a ride or walk so I can get up close and personal with scaffolding.

  2. "...could attract a large number of visitors to the area," says Mayor Bec Enders." Please Mayor Enders, look to entice fewer, but high value visitors. Mass tourism is not a good thing for areas like the Huon Valley. It can ruin your community identity.