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Monday 17 September 2018

New earphones prove a serious travel hit

A few months ago I wrote about the PaMu wireless earbud headphones, which I liked a lot because they are darn close to impossible to dislodge even if you are jogging or dancing.

The second generation PaMu Scroll earbuds were launched this week - and will retail for only US$39 including charging case.

Here's the link, should be be interested:

I'm using the new earbuds both with my iPhone and my Smart TV. They are ultra-lightweight, weighing just 4.5 grams.  

So what is different? Bluetooth 5.0, enhanced bass, wireless charging, autro pairing, an even snugger fit, a leather shell, scroll design, water resistant and touch control.

I'm very impressed. These are perfect for using when travelling if you don't want to be carrying bulky headphones - and the sound quality is good.

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