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Friday 21 September 2018

Life is too short for clumsy Brits to learn to peel an avocado

The British apparently lack the motor skills to peel an avocado with slicing themselves to bits.

The Tesco supermarket group is trialing the first “easy-peel” avocado, with flesh that comes away from the skin without a struggle.

Sufferers of “avocado hand” – a growing condition afflicting Brits from injuries caused by attempting to slice an avocado - will get the chance to sample the EasyAvo this month.

Developed by South African growers Westfalia Fruit, the new breed is a naturally grown hybrid of different varieties.

Lazy or ham-fisted shoppers will have to pay a premium for the luxury, however, with one avocado costing £1.95 ($3.55), triple the price of an avocado from a supermarket twin pack at £1.31, and double the cost of a single ready-to-eat avocado.

“Last year customers bought nearly 60 million avocados from us, so we’re sure that this fantastic avocado will minimalise fuss and make life a little bit easier,” said Tesco buyer Laura Marsden Payne.

The Daily Express reported that last year leading London plastic surgeon Simon Eccles said avocados should carry warning labels following a rise in knife injuries suffered when Brits attempted to cut into the fruit.

Eccles said he treated about four clumsy patients a week for their wounds.


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