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Sunday 1 July 2018

Discover the story behind Tasmania's newest boutique wine label

In 1806 a convict woman named Charlotte Badger was transported to Van Diemen's Land aboard a ship called the Venus.
During the voyage Charlotte staged a mutiny, seizing control of the ship and sailing off to New Zealand.

She was a pirate, an adventurer; a woman treading her own path, and experienced Tasmanian winemaker Greer Carland was inspired by her boldness and named her new wine label Quiet Mutiny in tribute to Charlotte, who subsequently dropped out of sight.

Carland's family owns Laurel Bank Vineyard at Granton, which provided the fruit for the 2017 Charlotte's Elusion Riesling ($36), while she has also sourced grapes from a friend in the Coal River Valley to produce the 2017 Venus Rising Pinot Noir ($47).

Carland is no newcomer to the wine industry; for many years she was a key player at contract wine-making facility Winemaking Tasmania.

"It is really exciting after all this time to be able to produce wines under my own label - making them exactly the way that I want them to reflect the fruit," Carland said.

Both wines are expressive; the riesling receiving some full bunch and some skin contact proving delightfully textural and dry, while the pinot is bright and fresh right now, full of the joys of youth, but has attractive tannins and the architecture that suggest it will cellar well.

The wines are excellent, as is the branding. But they are made in tiny quantities. Jump on board quickly, or not at all.

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