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Wednesday 18 July 2018

There was an incident at our destination, so we'd better cancel our holiday

Travel operators in Phuket are reporting thousands of cancellations following a recent tour boat sinking that saw 47 people die. 

The sinking was a one-off, yet thousands of would-be vacationers were scared enough to change their holiday plans.

I doubt anyone would cancel a holiday because of a bus crash. 

Other tourists, meanwhile, are stupid enough to get close enough to active volcanoes so that molten lava hits their boat, or to fly when there is a major risk of flight cancellations leaving them stranded. 

People are strange; no doubt about it. 

Kongsak Kupongsakorn, president of the Southern Hoteliers' Association, told Thai media that 19 member hotels have reported cancellations and an estimated 7,300 Phuket room bookings for July and August have been cancelled by Chinese customers.

Chiaya Rapuepol, president of the Andaman Sea tourism business association, estimates the fallout could hit Phuket by as much as $1 billion in lost business. 

One has to wonder why the tourists don't simply avoid tour boats if they are scared of a repeat sinking. Easy to do. And a lot easier than re-booking an entire holiday.  

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