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Saturday 14 July 2018

TCA-free corks coming soon, Amorim says

Haven't we heard all this before? 

The head of the world’s largest cork manufacturer, Antonio Amorim, says that his Portuguese company will have achieved the total eradication of cork taint across the billions of corks it produces by 2020.

“We will have a non-detectible TCA guarantee for everything, it’s in our company strategy for 2020; we are working as fast as ever,” he told The Drinks Business.

Amorim said that he is financing research and development that will eradicate TCA from all Amorim natural cork stoppers. The news just comes a couple of hundred years too late.

“We don’t want to segregate corks that are contaminated, we want to eliminate TCA – that’s what we are planning with our new technology, and we believe it is possible,” he said.

Amorim said he has been testing such technology over the past 12 months, noting that initial results were “very positive”. 

“But we are not here to minimise TCA; we are here to eradicate it.”

Amorim sold 5.4 billion corks in 2017 but New World producers are increasingly preferring screw caps to natural cork as a closure for their wines. 

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