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Friday 11 May 2018

Some restaurant guests are complete dicks

So you go out to dinner and order a $160 bottle of Champagne, $215 worth of red wine and then walk out because the restaurant only serves "cloudy" lemonade when one of the guests wants a clear mixer for his wine. 
Yes, his wine. 
Even worse, the group left a poor online review of upmarket Hispi (below), in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury. 
“We arrived and were seated and asked what we wanted to drink,” said the entitled dickhead, going by the username Helen E on TripAdvisor.
“Champagne for the ladies at £90 a bottle and a bottle of red wine at £120. Our friend likes lemonade with his wine and this restaurant only stocks bottles of cloudy lemonade.
“We asked could they go and get some or could we. Shop was two minutes away. There was no movement on this at all so for the sake of a £1 bottle of lemonade and putting yourself out, the restaurant let us walk away.
“I find it difficult to understand how you wouldn’t stock the basic mixers that are most commonly used for drinking.
“Obviously I don’t know much.” 
Helen has contributed just three reviews on TripAdvisor over the past five years, so maybe she doesn't get out much.
The review led to an unedifying spat with the restaurant owner, Gary Usher, who responded: "We were happy to go to the shop for your mate's dreadful red wine spritzer and 20 B&H. We just didn’t like you."
Sounds fair enough to me.

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