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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Swiss cities launch gourmet regional experiences

Authentic regional cuisine can sometimes be hard to track down in big cities - but Switzerland Tourism has come up with a solution with a new new culinary campaign: Taste My Swiss City. 

With a selection of dishes selected by locals, the culinary tours are available in 11 different cities and each tour includes visits to up to seven hand-picked restaurants, bars, bistros and cafés all linked via a leisurely walk. 

With the aim of enhancing the visitor experience by introducing them to what and where locals eat, the tours will also help visitors gain a snapshot of local lifestyles and culture. 

To go on one of the culinary tours, visitors will need to book on line and receive a ticket. Upon presentation of the ticket at the participating eateries on the chosen tour, they will be served a speciality dish or drink.

At the end of the tour, the visitor will not only have sampled the equivalent of a full meal, but also discovered some culinary hot spots that are off the touristy path.

The tours are self-guided and take between two and three hours on foot to complete. 

Priced from CHF60 (approximately $80) and up to CHF130 (approx. $173), Taste My Swiss City tours are available in Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, La Chaux -de-Fonds, Lausanne, Locarno/Ascona, Lugano, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Vevey/Montreux and Winterthur.

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