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Tuesday 15 May 2018

American Express to the rescue as Jetstar fails miserably

Jetstar failed miserably again. Failed to deliver even basic service. 

Thankfully, American Express came to my rescue. 

I checked my baggage at Hobart Airport this morning, having checked-in online. No problem.

It was not until I had collected my bags in Melbourne and got to the international terminal (Jetstar is incapable of getting your baggage from one of its flights to another) that things started to go awry. 

My 2.40pm flight from Melbourne to Phuket had vanished from the departure board. After finding a service desk I was told it was now departing at 9.40m. It had proved beyond Jetstar's capabilities to let me know of the delay either by SMS, email (which they had) or phone.

That was because I had booked with Qantas,I was told. All a bit mysterious. And amateurish. 

So I was left with nine hours to kill. In Melbourne Airport. Although Jetstar did cough up $20 in vouchers (in an airport where a chicken sandwich will cost you $13). 

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I remember a story about the new American Express Lounge that opened a few weeks ago. 

I have an American Express card, so decided to give it a go.

My card passed muster on inspection so I was able to spend my time in a very chilled lounge - for free. 

There was complimentary wifi and plenty of charging points; meals, snacks and drinks; free newspapers and magazines. Just like an airline lounge. 

A selection of seating arrangements and a good range of hot meals, pizzas, chicken wings and wines from the likes of Wolf Blass and Seppelt

This is the second member of the Australian AMEX lounge network after the Sydney Airport Lounge.

Access is only for passengers with selected AMEX cards or lounge passes issued with those cards, so it is worth checking if you qualify should you find yourself unexpectedly stranded by your airline. 

Some cards, like mine, are limited to two lounge entries per year. Others get unlimited access.

Discover more at 


  1. I've also been done by the lack of communication by JetStar.

    Also booked on Qantas, arrived at airport with family in tow after a nice holiday. Told flight was cancelled. No drama, shit happens - by why no call, sms or email? We didn't have your details!

    Could have spent an extra day by the pool but instead a 12 hour stay at the airport souring a holiday.

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