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Wednesday 8 March 2017

Vitality Week is coming up: one hotel takes it very seriously

The week of March 20-26 has been designated Vitality Week. By whom I have no idea, but Swissôtel Sydney has taken the idea seriously and will deliver "a range of inspiring healthy menu items and activities" designed to help guests maintain their mental and physical wellbeing.

During this week guests will enjoy locally-brewed Kombucha tea on arrival, a fruit and vegetable lobby display ripe for the picking, popular breakfast bowls and the option to partake in daily walks hosted by staff members.
The five-star hotel's executive chef, Joshua Askew, has also introduced a new $25 weekday Vitality Lunch, with a goal to deliver a nutrient-filled dining experience on an ongoing basis to health-conscious Sydneysiders and hotel guests.
Chef Askew's Vitality Menu features a gut-cleaning detox shot such as spirulina, wheatgrass, beetroot or acai, followed by either a Vitality Bowl, Power Protein Salad or Sandwich, plus an accompanying drink including cold-press juices.

All menu items are made with fresh seasonal ingredients, including honey direct from Swissôtel Sydney's rooftop beehive, and will alternate on a weekly basis to ensure the best use of local produce.  
Chef Askew's Vitality Week menu features poached chicken Vitality Bowl with green tea soba noodles, avocado, cabbage, Asian herbs, sesame seeds and edamame; and pan-seared Ora King salmon; power protein salad with fennel, radish, asparagus, labneh, roasted almonds, wild rocket and dill oil; as well as a rooftop honey-glazed ham sandwich with tomato, Swiss cheese, seeded mustard, pickles, grilled zucchini on sourdough.

"All of the ingredients in this menu have been carefully considered," the chef says. "Something as simple as quinoa can be excellent for travellers in relieving altitude sickness due to its rich oxygen-carrying iron whilst proteins, such as low-GI beans, fish, chicken and beef, will keep the stomach satisfied for longer, and keep the brain alert with essential amino acids." 
Last time I looked visitors to Sydney were not at great risk of altitude sickness, but a healthy approach certainly can't be a bad thing.

Vitality Lunch is available weekdays from noon-3pm for $25. To book call (02) 9238 8888 or email

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