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Saturday 11 March 2017

Thailand aims to entice gourmets with new campaign

Thailand has launched a new tourism marketing campaign with the theme “Thai-Licious Journey” aiming to entice foodies from around the world. 
The Tourism Authority of Thailand is promoting unique food tours and culinary experiences in the Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern provinces of Thailand - where superb food can be found at ridiculously low prices.
“Thai cuisine has successfully captured the attention of consumers globally," said Yuthasak Supasorn, the TAT governor. 
"Realising that “foodie tourism” works as a catalyst to command attention, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new campaign under the theme - “Thai-licious Journey, which will motivate foodies to embark on a culinary journey to taste signature dishes in renowned venues across Thailand as the way to explore Thainess through food.”
In my experience, Thailand offers some of the highest quality and best value food on the planet.
The Thai-Licious campaign comprises three key elements: Travel and Eat like Locals; Food That Comes with a Story; and Delightful Taste.
Under the ‘Travel and Eat like Locals’ element, food-loving visitors are encouraged to travel around Thailand and seek out signature dishes of different regions. 
“They can choose to enjoy local street food or eateries, or take a cooking class to be more sophisticated foodies," said Yuthasak. "Plenty of food tours are available for visitors to experience.” 
Food That Comes with a Story highlights Thai dishes that come with fascinating background stories or legends, or foods that are associated with history and places in Thailand, while Delightful Taste will promote memorable food and travel experiences in Thailand. 

TAT will roll out the Thai-Licious campaign with the first four episodes of promotional videos covering destinations in the Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern provinces of Thailand, all of which have very different food cultures.
Examples of regional dishes and experiences being promoted are:
Phat Thai: The best-known and most-loved of Central Thailand’s dishes is Phat Thai. It is best enjoyed on Rattanakosin Island at the famous Phat Thai restaurants around the area, which are busy every night as people queue to enjoy this tasty dish.
Khao Soi: The North is famous for delicious Khao Soi curried noodles and in Chiang Mai, the eateries are best known for this typically Northern dish made with chicken, beef or pork. 
Crab Curry: The southern island of Phuket is famous for its seafood with local crab combined with the rich curry sauces of Thailand’s south. 
Grilled Shellfish and Papaya dip: A popular seafood dish of Thailand, grilled shellfish is a good example of a local fresh product. 
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