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Friday 10 February 2023

Twisties unveils a very unlikely new flavour

There is one marketing trick that usually works to create plenty of publicity.

Creating a fake outrage by making an absurd announcement usually does the trick - particularly as plenty of folk who inhabit the internet have far too much time on their hands and will buy into any idiocy.

This time it is the people behind Twisties - a corn snack that is hugely popular in Australia - to bid for their five minutes of fame.

A new Twisties flavour is set to hit supermarket shelves - but for a short time only, so the publicity is probably worth more than the costs of creating a range of “Twisted Raspberry” Twisties in the coming months.

An online (of course) poll, gave people the choice between three new flavours: cheesy bacon, cheeseburger and twisted raspberry.

Mysteriously, or may predictably, the raspberry option came out on top.

“Set to add a plot twist to everyday moments, the Twisted Raspberry flavour is set to have tastebuds tingling with its juicy, sweet and sherbet flavour,” the snack brand’s publicists said in a press release.

“Fans will need to be quick as the new flavour will hit major grocers and selected P&C stores from this June for a limited time only.”

It will only be a matter of hours before some declares "the internet is broken" as fans respond to the unlikely flavour.

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