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Tuesday 28 February 2023

New liqueur range a nod to the old, and the new

Experienced wine industry figure John Retsas has released six new liqueurs onto the Australian market through his Spirito Santo brand. 

Retsas has over 25 years of experience in the drinks industry, including senior management roles at Chain of Ponds, St Hallett and Schild Estate. He also founded First Drop Wines in 2004.

The Spirito Santo brand merges a grungy modern look with ancient recipes. 

Retsas says it is "born from European heritage, with liqueurs inspired by ancient remedies and elixirs made by healers of the day, monks, and witch doctors throughout Asia, Arabia, Europe and Africa."

The range includes Climax Limoncello, Siropo Amaro, Bomba Grappa, Radical Roza Pink Limoncello, Roman aromatic bitters and and Ruby Rosso aperitif bitters.

Each is hand-made using local, fresh ingredients, "bringing Barossa relevance to European recipes".

Retsas says the brand is a nod to old-school Europeans who drank liquors for medicinal reasons but "is firmly designed for the third generation who enjoy life more underground".

“We have deliberately positioned Spirito Santo as a secretive, ancient, and mysterious elixir with a grungy and modern edge," he says. 

"I love that there is something holy and spiritual around these spirits, and they are part of many diverse cultures.

"I have been making these spirits for many years, learning as a kid from my grandparents in Greece and now, more recently, at home in Australia. I love that these recipes are secret and handed down to trusted family members, from generation to generation.”


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